What is C Programming Language? History & Benefits |

C programming language is a widely used language in computer programming
technology. that was created about 50 years ago from today.Almost all the
programming languages that came after C language have been directly or
indirectly derived from C language itselfDo you know? UNIX and Windows
operating systems were made in C language only. Today we are going to talk in
detail about the C language.



what is c programming language?

What is C language?

C language is a type of computer
programming language used to create different types of programs like- software,
desktop applications, mobile apps, websites, tools websites, operating systems,
etc. It is one of the most used programming languages ​​worldwide.

C language was created in 1972 by
Dennis Ritchie at Bell Telephone Laboratories which was initially developed to
make operating systems.

C language is a middle level language
in which English words are used like other high level languages ​​and it is
also a user friendly language.

C language is a general purpose
programming language that can be used to create different type
s of programs in different niches.

This is the reason that C language is
used in both application programming and system programming (for creating
operating systems).

It is also called structured
programming language because all the code in C is divided into different blocks
and organised from top to bottom.

Because, C language is divided into different blocks,
it is also known as a structured programming language.

C language is the most basic language.
If you want to enter the programming field of computers, then first you have to
learn the C language.

If you learn another programming
language without learning C language, then it can be a bit difficult for you
because just as a “child cannot make words without learning one character of
the alphabets in language studies ”, similarly you without learning C language.
You Can’t learn programming languages well.

C programming is widely used in
computer technology. We can say c is the inspiration for the development of
other programming languages.

The reason C still is the best
Programming language today is the fact that it simply powers everything. That c
language we can forget the writing loop of computer assembly roots, thousands
of processor specific instructions.

Strong portability and simple syntax is
the main reason that c is a preferred language. The language is also preferred
for exceptional, industrial and business applications.

Being portable, c programs can be used
on various computers belonging to different platforms by rendering little
changes or not changes at all.




History of C programming Language

C programming language was developed to
overcome the problems in programming languages like B, BCPL. 
As we mentioned, the C programming
language was developed in
1972 by Dennis Ritchie (also known as ‘Father of C’.) at AT&T Bell
Laboratory to design the UNIX operating system.

In fact, there were many programming
languages even before the C programming language. But there were many
shortcomings in that programming language.




What are features of
C language

If you have just started programming
and you are going to pursue a career in programming, you should definitely
learn the C programming language. To find out why, we need to look at the c
language feature. Let’s see!


General Purpose Language:-

Every programmer says that C is a
general purpose programming language. Do you know what that means? In fact,
general purpose programming languages ​​are programming languages ​​that are
used to create a wide variety of programs. C language is also a general purpose
language. Because, C is used to make system software as well as many programs.


Simple and Easy Use:-

C programming language is a
general purpose programming language. C language can be run in different
operating systems. The concepts in C language are simple and with little
knowledge of C language, big tasks can be done in very less time and with less
effort. C language is known for its simplicity, efficiency, and portability.
And that is why the C language is popular.


Powerful and feature rich:- 

c provide a wide
variety of data types, variety of functions and provide useful control and

Program portability- 

c program can
portable. That means they can run any compiler with little or no modification.
Compilers and preprocessors make it possible to run c programs on different pc.

Low level language support:-

programming provides low level language features. Those are generally provided
by low level languages. C is closely related to low level language. Such as
assembly language. Which is easier. So, write assembly language codes in c

Modular programming-

 is the software
technique. That increases the extent to which software is composed of separate
parts that are called modular.

High level features- 

c language is more
user-friendly as compared to previous programming languages. Like- BCPL, LOGO,
B, PASCAL, FORTH ETC. They never provide such great features. They have pros
and cons. That c collected all useful features of previous languages. Thus, c
has become a more effective language.

Bit manipulation- 

c program can be
manipulated within bits. We can perform different operations at bit level using
the C language. For example, we can use structures to manage memory at bit
level. Structure provides a wide variety of bit manipulation operators. Because
of the C language existence, We have bit wise operators to manage data at bit



Syntax of C Programming Language-

In C programming language you can write
code easily before you create any program.

Syntax of C given below image.




Int main(){

printf(“Hello world”);

return 0;


This is the simple syntax of hello world of C language. If you want to start learning programming, starting from the C language can be very helpful. Concepts in C language are also present in other programming languages. And, all those concepts are easy to understand as they can be easily implemented in C language. You can use some websites to learn the C language.

So friends, in this article we have taken complete information about the C language. What is the C language in this? History of C language, benefits of C language also seen. If you liked this article, be sure to share it. And keep visiting our blog for similar information. Thank you!

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